New Artwork Every Day

Every original artwork Only 1/1 NFT, with its own color and creation. The goal is to make each one unique to prioritize quality over quantity.

The Nekoz Collection is the first volume in NEKOZONE's new 'Artist Profile Series'. Create unique, original and limited NFTs to use as your Profile picture, gain access to limited features of Nekoz Verse, or trade on the market. Every printed NEKOZONE is different and rare, with some being rarer than others!

NekoVerse are more than just an avatar

A work of art is an artistic creation or aesthetic object. However, a work of art can also be used to refer to any work that is considered artistic in a broad sense, thus including literature.

Smart Contract

Choose the NekoZone you like, don't take time

It doesn't matter if you don't like NekoZone, you can collect them for fun and resell them for high price...!-We want the best for our community, so we plan to work only with the best partners. Soon, we will be revealing our partnership with a well-known platform and we will also partner with other NFT projects for promotion, to maintain the hype and promote our project to keep growing.

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